Why did I choose OM System solutions from Olympus?

The OMD range from Olympus appealed to me straight away, because the format of the camera is exactly the same (almost a replica) as the one my father left me when he went digital: a Agfa Silette equipped with a 45 mm lens which opened at F3.5 (in 1956)… a great classic of the time!

OMD boxes have the advantage of not having a mirror (mirror-less), they are therefore less fragile, faster and their format is 1/3 times less bulky. They are also half as heavy as traditional REFLEX.

I work exclusively in natural light (except for macro and indoor portraits), which involves working with it, whatever its quantity, but also its quality.

To overcome part of this problem, I use Olympus fixed focal length lenses, or constant aperture variable lenses, which have the advantage of being very sensitive in low light, but also of giving relief to the images thanks to their depth of field management.

Then, like the film photographer who spent hours in his darkroom developing his prints, I spend hours in front of my screen to work on my images.

I shoot exclusively in raw RAW format. A format that contains a lot of information, but which must be developed like a negative. For this, I use several professional software programs depending on the desired result, but this tedious work is, for me, completely part of the digital shooting process.

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